Hard Counters


As your main monster, what are your most challenging/hated hunters that counter your monster’s gameplay?

For example, I main as Behemoth most of the time. The hunters that seem to make life a little more difficult than others are the following:

Trapper - Most of the time, Crow is my most feared trapper for his ability to stay on Behemoth with his bird. However, in combat, Jack has become quite formidable. His Repulsor ability stops my combos and momentum in their tracks at the most inopportune times.

Assault - Parnell…I shudder when I see him. He’s the most boring Assault for me to play, just not my style. But damn I respect his ability to put out insane amounts of damage.

Support + Medic - I’m putting Hank and Slim together because they are the bane of my existence when playing Bob. I know they can be stopped, but damn it’s hard to stop those two when their team is well coordinated. I think I’ve mentioned them in other posts so I won’t go too much in to detail. But basically, Slim’s healing is insanely good, making it incredibly difficult for Bob to focus down the other hunters. But then when you try to focus him, Hanks shields and orbitals, and some heavy focusing from the Assault make it hard to keep on him and focus him down. Focusing Hank is difficult for obvious reason, and even more so when Slim is giving everyone Deadpool healing factors.

These are the hunters that work well against my Behemoth play. What’s yours?


As a Goliath player, Sunny is the only requirement to make my blood pressure dangerously high.


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As Kraken;

Assault - A good Torvald like Demonhunter who can land mortars when I’m in the air, as well as when I drop in for an AS, or a Parnell running MS, who can stay on my arse the entire chase, and prevent me from eating or force me to hold onto an evolve.

Trapper - A Griffin who positions well, getting his harpoons in me (with increased survivability from Medic/Support), or a Trapper running MS, who can help the Assault prevent me from feeding. Also a Jack running capacity, as he can make you burn all of your traversals out, forcing you into a run. Couple that with a Val tranqing you and you’re in for a whole world of pain.

Medic/Support - A good Laz, or a RV with Sunny or Hank. Support can hide near the RV to get passive heals, and medic has a hard reset which makes her difficult to focus down (especially if Support is still up)


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Sunny is the bane of every monster


The vain of my existence.

Or is it Bain?


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Well, I play most of the monsters so this is going to be long


Assault- Parnell. Good damage and because Goliath is melee oriented Parnell gets consistent damage.

Trapper- Griffin and Maggie. These two trappers are ridiculously effective on hampering Goliath and Meaty.

Support- Sunny. JPB is annoying and I have to waste a leap, rock, or FB to take out the drone.

Medic- Laz if I’m OG. No medic in particular with MG.


Assault- Blitz Markov. That gold beam is scurry.

Trapper- Abe. Flying becomes a worry.

Support- None.

Medic- None.


Assault- Hyde. No decoy and SN punish.

Trapper- Wastleland melts my armor too fast.

Support- Sunny. Drone is hard to take out but JPB is manageable at least.

Medic- Val. Tranqs too strong.


Assault- Torvald because mortars.

Trapper- Wastleland because damage.

Support- Sunny because of JPB and Hank because of Orbital

Medic- None.


Only mon I don’t play…


As a Goliath main, my absolute banes of existence are:

Fuck your tranq gun, you little cunt.

So much fun to play as the most gravity-based Monster who gets his traversals fucked up all the time against a Hunter that requires you to constantly move from one side to the dome to the other.

He will make sure that such movement takes forever.

Torvald or Lennox
If you thought that was it, think again. Let’s give Assaults the ability to demand the Monster’s attention once every 5 seconds as well, cus why not right?

Gameplay in a nutshell:

Look! It’s Val! Take this Leap Smash!
Nope, Jack stopped it. Urgh. Well quickly then, go after her.
Nope. Jack picked Capacity. Such fun.

I finally drained his battery. Leap away!
Take this Flame Breath, Val.
Ah. Nope. Shield Drone completely nullifies this ability.

Let’s chuck a rock at that Shield Drone.
Oh, hey. Lennox reached 4x. Let’s quickly melee swipe her. Ah no of course not, melee targeting screws up and has me swipe at something else instead and it takes me 3 tries before Lennox is actually hit.

Chase after Val. Jack throws in a final tap of his Repulsor. Great.
Thank you for the tranq, Val. Let me just walk up to you in the slowest way imaginable.
Oh, Lennox has the 4x multiplier again. Here’s a hit for you. Not like I needed to be quick or anything.

There you are, Val. Eat this Leap Smash - ah no - she was boosted away. Eat this Rock Throw maybe?
Ah nope. Nice dodge. Of course you got all your jetpack fuel back by now, what was I thinking?

Let me quickly burn you alive with my… nope. New Shield Drone already? Greeeaaat.
Everything is off cooldown obviously so let me just stand there like a complete baffoon destroying the thing with weak melee attacks.
New tranq in me.

Val, come here you little — Jack’s got all his capacity recharged already? How fun. Let me just crash into this canyon then.
Oh. Dead. The game expected me to shift my attention to Lennox again like I have time for her on top of all the other crap.

Stay tuned for next episode of Rick’s Great Goliath Adventures where we try to target Sunny and she gets outhealed by Val’s healing, tranqs, Jack’s Repulsor and her own spammable Shield Drone!


Slim. I still cannot see much inside the spore cloud. :sob:

Kraken is the only counter. Starving Slim works well. But I don’t really want to play Kraken.


just go fire breath lvl 3 my friend it saves you alot of time if i spelled this correctly you will understand espicily with meteor goliath


As a wraith player. Sunny with a side of Jack and Val.


As Goliath, Sunny-Jack is just stupidly hard to beat.

Jack’s repulsor should have more/less ammo according to the monster.


As a Wraith, the hunters that make my blood pressure so high my veins are almost exploding are:

Medic: Val & Lazarus
Val’s tranqs can cripple my fast paced playstyle so much that it scares me when facing good teams.
Really need my traversals to keep going.
Laz is more…annoying than scary. But on a very good coordinated team, he can become true nightmare fuel. You will never find that bastard.

Support: Sunny
My most hated hunter when I’m playing Monster. Dat jetpack boost. Dayumn. Salt intensifies

Trapper: WL Maggie
Eventhough she only has one harpoon left, it can still ruin my attacks. Specially Warp Blast. Also on a side note…Daisy likes her Wraith Steak extra crispy with a little BBQ sauce…

Assault: Hyde
A really great counter for Wraith in general. He melts my armor faster than I can do damage to his team. Yay.