Hard Core Mode


Hard Core Mode

Thx for this great idea. Now I wan`t to create a concept out of it:

Disabled are: Highlights, map, all kind of healthbars, usernames, indicators accept sounds, ingamemusic, buffs and purks.
Exceptions: Grey point, scopes and laserpointers (Bucket&Torvald), dome, weakspots, timers, traversal, your healthbar, magazines, the compass.

Hunters: Realistic footprints: Footprints of walking monsters at mood and sand,
scratches and claw marks at metal and stone
roling=wheelprint, flying=only electricity at the bothem
The health of your teammades is shown by outlines in colour of there class, shining equal to their hp. If they
get pounced or downed they cry, louder if you get close.
Maggie: You cant see the mute of Daisy. Daisy have an finite smellrange. Griffin: The indicator of soundspikes appears now over them with their distance to the monster. Abe: With map-button you can put a monitor in your hands. It shows you the map and all Trackingdarts. It replaces your weapon. (I know that this is complicated, but I have no idea for an other feature.) Crow: You can siwtch between your vision and a gobicam with the map-button. (The same problem.) Hank: You get the indicator for orbital. (projektion of the dropship) Bucket: The trackingsysthem is disabled. Cabot: All creatures you hit shines, but not during walls. You get the indicator for dusttag. (projektion of the dropship) Lazarus: You get the indicator for the lazarusdevice after their death, as long as you are close. (Dont forget that there is no huge red skullhad if hunters are downed.)

Monsters: Hunters make some noise if they run. You can only hear that if you stay and if you are close.
There is only blood and some smoke (fire- and energieweapons) if you are out of armor. Bullets produce an
other sound if they are hitting armor.
The outlines after smelling are all grey. Smelling get a cooldown of 5sec. You need more feed to evolve
(that`s a balancechange, cause hunters need longer to find you).

Wildlife: Little swarms of Canyon Eel and Phanoms, atacking boeth sides are includet. There are more carnivoreous
plants and Spotters. The indicator of Harpys is removed too (You can still hear the noise and look where they
are flying in sircles). All wildlife deals 10% more damage.

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Love your ideas. Would really like it however if you remove smell from the monster. It’s practically 3D vision in it’s current state, and breaks the fourth wall.

I really wish there was a voluntary mode in-game to really make this more of a “hunt” and not a high speed chase.


I like this idea


Further Ideas

  • monster footprints glow ONLY for trappers
    -monster sniff (if included) is limited to maybe 4 uses. This resets with evolution.
  • Dome lasts longer, and monster is always highlighted in the dome (to force it to fight instead of hide)
    -finally, maybe no secondary objective, either kill or be killed.

Acutally, we don’t want the monster footprints to glow at all. We want to capitalize on realism :smile:

You do bring up a good point about hiding in the dome however.

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Correct me if I’m mistaken but if the highlight was gone, you couldn’t see the footprint on metal surfaces, if they change it so that the monster footprints can be seen on rock and steel and not just dirt, I agree


They are monsters with dirty feeds maiby.


Yeah, you could see a dirt print on steel and concrete.


Hrmm… It’s a heavy beast… maybe leaving claw marks where it’s claws pierced the metal? And for slithering monsters, maybe a slickness as the liquid/levitation goo is spread on the ground?


left 4 dead realism mode. i like it.


Good idea… Ok lets list this

-Goliath: claw marks are left on the ground
-Kraken: claw marks while walking, visible electric matter while flying
-Wraith: what you said
Behemoth- walking: claw marks, Rolling: bits of chipped rock on the ground perhaps?


Something like a huge roling rock will always leave some scratches at the metal.


Sniff only if it has sniff perk?


Love most of the ideas, I would be highly in favor of a realism mode. Definitely make it more intense so that you really feel like your hunting something that makes you afraid to go around that next corner.


I talked about this topic yesterday and had some thoughts on hardcore mode…

Hardcore (realistic) mode: a mode where the visual and audiable input excels the need for the standard hud. hints and markers are replaces with visual outlines, audiable hints, and color silhouette relaying health bar feedback (green, yellow, red), tracking status (abe), and hunter positioning. Sniffing would work in the same way just not revealing large names ubove the hunters, but ust simply showing there health color silhouette, to know who is more hurt than others. your own health can,t be seen on your hud, but the tired sounds of your character as they run would indicate that you need healing. your teams health would not read as a bar above their head, when aiming crosshairs on teammate, it will reveal a health bar silhouette of either with the respective color showing the state of health. Jet packs will be more audiable as well, creating a over heating noise when almost empty, cooling down noise would let you know when it is full again. Creating a mode where visual and audiable input excels the standard screen hud would put the hunt at a new tier. it would be perfect for those breathe taking and immersive games in evolve.


The intention of this mode is:
1.Remove obvious visual effects in some creative ways.
2.Make the hunt for each class more intense:
Trapper should use each sign of the monster to find it.
Medic should depend at his team.
Support and Assault need more monsterknowledge. They can`t see any hp and armor.
Monster should be an other challenge. At least I want to get a bit more the sneaking predator theme.
3.Get a bit more realistic gameplay and show how wondeful it looks like.
Thx welliguess for this nice somery.


Wildlife could also be more terrifying - to man and beast.


Edited some of your ideas. Pls say if that`s not what you want.


I believe daisy already has a finite smell range


Pretty sure she does. We completely lost this wraith on broken hill foundry and daisy was clueless.