Happy Very Belated Anniversary RickSanchez!


I’m only 15 days off, not that long. Anyhow, happy anniversary @RickSanchez! We missed you when you were gone and we’re very glad to have you back! Thanks for being a good friend and a great community member!


Wait when did he leave?


Thank you @Shunty, this means a lot. :smile:
@The_Specialist I was gone for a bit over a month to deal with some life stuff going on.


Happy Anniversary, Rick! :grinning:



I had a speech somewhere…

Oh well. I love you all!! Been an honor being on the forums with such wonderful Monsters and Hunter’s!!!


Happy belated anniversary. :slight_smile:


Happy belated Anniversary!


Happy belated anniversary! :slight_smile: :confetti_ball:


Happy belated anniversary!! :smiley:


As everyone else and everyone after me Hurpy Berlertud Arnurvisery!!


Happy anniversary you glorious time traveller!

@MortySmith give your grandpa a cake!!!


Merry belated anniversary

(I love using this gif)


Happy Belated Birthday Rick! May we hear more from you in the future :slight_smile:


At this rate if I’m lucky I’ll make Leader status in no time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d be the hero the forums don’t need… And definitely not the one it deserves.


not really a birthday, but ech, see it as a birthday


Happy belated Anniversary!


He can just see it as a Happy Anniversary




Happy belated man, you’re in the old people group now :wink: .


My man!

My-m-m-m-m-m-my Man-m-m-man, my man!

My man!