Happy New Year 2018!


The those further East, I hope you’ve got your new year off to a good start, for the rest of us I hope the celebrations are getting in to swing, or that you have a fun evening planned forever you intend to spend it!

We’re having a friends and our kids party here and looking forward to some adult only time to play board games and drink lots of prosecco!

Here’s to a better 2018 than 2017 offered!

Happy New Year Guys!


All I will be doing tomorrow is playing a big black and orange box known as my PS4 and watching Kong: Skull Island twice. 16 hours of gaming plus 3 hours and 56 minutes of Kong.


Kong is in the whole movie this time? Kappa :stuck_out_tongue:


1 hour and 20 minutes and italy will join 2018 too :slight_smile:


2017 in a nutshell:

We don’t like Y, we want/demand X.

Sometime later in the same year.

We detest X and want you to bring back Y!



Happy new year from italy!!! TRS and friends, everyone!!! :smiley:



Happy new year everyone!!! :fireworks:


Happy New Year!!


We brought in the new year with Exploding kittens and our kid ruining the timings of everything by waking up at 11:30pm! Happy New Year!


My old game group loved this game, I could never get into it.


It is a good ice breaker game imo, it’s a shame the other games we had planned got shelved because kids woke up!


Only had one glass of wine. Still suffering from yesterday.

Honestly, the tail end of my 2017 was amazing, and my birthday (29th of Dec) was great. Really great way to end the year. Parents gave me a bottle of Prosecco for my birthday, but since my boyfriend was over I didn’t drink it (along with anything else I could find) until the 30th.


Happy New Year! Watching Star Wars the last Jedi with friend tmrw.


Happy New Year!


Still 1 more hour until midnight here :stuck_out_tongue:


My kids slept in til almost 8am!


It’s 2018! Hope we will have a great year :grinning: