Happy 'National Cheese Lovers Day'!


#Happy National Cheese Lovers day!

##What’s your favorite type of cheese and what cheese foods are your favorite?

My favorite type of cheese is Val

I love this one because it is the easiest cheese to make with the most bang for my buck.

followed by Cheddar Cheese, I really enjoy the sharp taste of this one smells very light and very easy to enjoy as it is.
Cheddar cheese that’s imported into Malaysia aren’t so crazy with the food coloring so they’re more on the lighter side, unlike the picture shown above.

Sunny, I love the cheese factor of this one with the tropical and sunny taste of the cheese. Its fun and its small.

and Kraken. More on the salty side but really light on its feet really good cheese.

#Favourite Cheese food/foodstuff

KFC Cheesy Wedges. I FREAKNG LOVE THE DAMN THINGS! I almost always get them whenever I go to my local KFC. Finger licking good!


There’s a national cheese lovers day o_O


Time for a celebration! CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!


I will hunt you down and cheese your house if you use any of these cheeses the next time we play together. :angry:


Cheese is only edible when it’s melted, UNLESS it’s in a ham sandwich. Only exception.

Yes, I said it.


but I’ve eaten creamed cheese plenty of times with the non baked cheesecakes and I haven’t gotten sick once. …yet


Do you mind? I’m trying to do the fishstick here. It’s a very delicate state of mind!



…Did that really go over your head?


No, I honestly don’t know what is happening.


I’m Dutch. For me, everyday is cheese lovers day.

if I were to actually eat, but alas


I honestly thought that said “I eat ass” lol.


“Have you heard of The Elder Scrolls?”



Oooooooh! Cheeeeeeeese!

(does anyone remember Wallace and Gromit now anyway? :smiley_cat:)


Cheese! For everyone!


I think I’ll skip this one, me and cheese are strictly platonic