Happy Mother's Day xp


Woo! Go give your mama a hug everyone! : D


Happy Mother’s Day all mothers of the forums!!

What did everybody get for their mama? I got her a smartwatch!


WARNING: Vulgarity and general unpleasantness ahead!

I didn’t get my mom anything because I’m poor


Uh… I think the only other mom here in the forum besides myself is @SledgePainter xp


Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s on and off the forum!


Today’s mothers day? Great!


I got the Lego Minecraft Treehouse, a 7 piece dinner of sushi and mochi ice cream, a cow pie (a really large chocolate turtle essentially), and a couple books. Watching “Aliens” and I also got my Kickstarter fully funded!


Happy Mothers’ Day!


I woke up to breakfast in bed made by my wonderful daughter and sister. <3 A manicure, a bunch of my favorite sour candy too. >3>

Daughter got me my favorite pizza and I’m currently eating oreo ice cream while watching Wall-e, my favorite movie. xp It feels nice being pampered. ^^;;


~hugs katt


Lolololol cow pie…


It’s so good!

Mine was the original, not the peanut butter.


Mm mm peanut butter. Tasty.

I don’t think I want to eat any thing that is called a cow pie. I worked with too many cows to know better.


Aw, that’s so nice :smile:


I spent $583 on Coach products for my mother.


Made this out of acrylic paints and melted crayons for my mama


Holy crap that’s beautiful :heart:


My sentiments exactly.


That’s crazy. You really have an eye for detail. :sunglasses:


Shouldn’t you guys close this because I don’t know… mothers day is over?