Happy Independence Day!


Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to wish my American friends on this forum and especially Turtle Rock a happy Fourth of July over there!

The game is only a few months away from being released and would just like to take this moment to celebrate how far we’ve all come since the game has been announced! There have been new Hunters, Monsters and maps revealed, not to mention different tactics too! All from the E3 footage! I want to thank Turtle Rock for doing such a fantastic job working on this game and I hope for nothing but the best for the future of the game and this forum in particular, I’ve met a lot of fantastic people here and I hope to make more friends too once we have more members start rolling in from those who would have participated in the Alpha, Beta and actual release of the game! Happy Independence Day, everyone! What are YOU doing to celebrate today? :fireworks:


I’m headed to my mother’s house. This is her favorite holiday of the year!


:fire: Never trust fireworks! :fire:


I came to work with donuts, just like every Friday. But I shall eat and / or something tasty after work and look around for random acts of fireworks!


:open_mouth: Can you mail me some donuts pls sir <3 My mom always said sharing is caring…

Oh and happy 4th every one!


I held sparklers in my mouth so I cud feel like goliath. It was kew…


Spent my day with my girl, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Darwin.


Spent the day at the beach with family and friends. Spent like 16 hours there and got the worst sun burn of my life. But it was all good and fun. Hope everyone else had a good 4th of July :smiley:


I played Mario Kart! It was very fun :smiley:


Wut do you not enjoy some good old fireworks? I personally love the 4th lighting off fireworks even though I spend most of my time Playing competitive games with friends.


Saw some of those when we went out for pizza before Mario Kart :3


I guess it doesn’t matter long as you had fun on the 4th >.<