Happy Halloween everyone!


It is that time of the year, how are you celebrating it?

Happy Halloween!

By my self, watching game grumps, eating chocolate cookies and crying at how lonely I am.


Daughter is hosting a Halloween party, I’m supervising.~ Happy Halloween everyone.


Costco Pizza guys :grin:

and giving candy to the trick or treaters.


Dealing with some drama before partying

Going to one Halloween party simply to tell the hostess what a B.I.T.C.H she is lol
She decided to have a party this year even though my other friends have a big one every year, so she’s dividing my friends. She’s one of those people that leech onto a close group of friends and forcibly inserts themselves into “the group,” so I don’t really like her anyway.

I’m going to her party to have words with her lol and then going to the TRUE party for the rest of the night to have fun and forget Steph exists.

The kicker is that my other friends are so nice, they wouldn’t have minded if she had just asked to have it at her place this year instead.

For my Halloween costume I’m going as a zombie Subway sandwich artist.
So I have a visor and apron that I put the new logo on:

Zombies - Eat Flesh




You go girl!!


I edited it to describe what happened after H5G was released



at least it is spooky homework. We’re doing an epidemic model for a zombie apocalypse, so that niftyness counts for something! :jack_o_lantern:


I have a T-shirt with something similar to that on it. Only its eat brains instead, flesh is better.


Or All Hallows Eve if you prefer!

What are all doing today?

I am kicking things off with


Chores, Haunted house, Trick or treating and definitely Evolve


I’m gonna strike fear into the hearts of squishies for the glory of Nyx :DDDD

Ok but really, I’m gonna binge on candy and whatnot, regret it horribly, curse Halloweens name, and then eat more candy


Since everyone on my school are gamers (comp gaming and game development school) I’ll wear an ushanka and yell Cyka and Cheeky Breeky at everyone and win the costume competition.

That’s about it.


That’s not even the best movie that’s called “Trick or Treat”!


This one is called “Trick 'r Treat” :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what it’s called! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Happy Halloween one and all. May you have a gloriously, horror-filled (but fun) night to get your hearts pumping :smile:


Unfortunately, I’ll most likely spend it doing my final year project :’( At least I’ll get some Evolve in as I do it… That’s kinda halloweenish, right? Tearing humans apart and devouring them?

Also, I feel like I did my name injustice by not being the first one to make a topic like this… :frowning: :’(


I have to work… :frowning: