Happy Halloween 2018!


Hey guys!

Just wanted to share some of the festivities going on here at the studio. We had a Halloween party with lots of great costumes 2 weekends ago - you can find some pics here.

I will be updating the thread later today with another group photo of people who dressed up today as well as the office decorations.

UPDATE: Here’s a group photo!

And more on FB: https://www.facebook.com/290787356791/posts/10155453567046792/

Happy Halloween! Would love to see your costumes too.







Happy Halloween everyone. Here’s a picture of the Jack-o-Lantern I made


Very nice!



Whoever is Batman, I fucking love you!


Happy Halloween! I personally am more to celebrate Day of the Dead. Don’t know if anyone else around the forums does as well, hahah.

With that said, I’m dissapointed at the lack of costumes around here! (Bar those from the TRS team of course, which are great :p) Come on people! Got something cool to show? :smile:
I wanted to have a William Cabot done for today, but life happened so it got delayed, hah. Here’s a pic :p.


Happy Halloween! I’ll come back later for a little surprise.


Is that a skeleton dabbing ?

Admiration stop







NICE!! Thanks for sharing :smiley:


Now here’s the moment for me to trully say HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


No Karken? I is SaddCow


I don’t have the model for the original Kraken.

Edit: The reason why is that no one ever uploaded it for SFM, so no one can download him. Some however have been able to turn the original model into a SFM model, but they never uploaded him, which is frustrating.


You should try and put the missing person as Kraken on the milk container :wink:


I can’t draw on models either nor import images.