Happy Forum Aniversery Hillbilly_Deathlord!


Heeeey it’s your anniversary how times fly by am I right?

Anyways I hope you have a good anniversary dude unfortunately I don’t have any broken gifs to satisfy your need for them so sorry


May the memes and gifs keep you forever young. Happy Anniversary.


He’s one with the memes, the memes are with him

Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, HBDL!


Happy forum anniversary Hillbilly!!


Deus Vault!





Happy Forum Anniversary @Hillbilly_Deathlord!

Here’s a big minion kiss for you

P.S. I’m not gay, I just didn’t find anything better. I triple dare anyone searching Google with the keywords “happy anniversary”.


You’re right… Couldn’t find anything.
I do have this incredibly sad and oddly named song though. That should count for something?



I have arrived!

Wow, thanks folks, I didn’t even realize it was coming up! It’s been a pleasure internet loitering with ya’ll this long!


Happy forum anniversary HBDL!

2 years already?!


Woop woop!


Happy forumday HBDL! May it be full of enchantment.





Happy cake day!!! Thank you for being part of this community :smile:


A year added onto your belt and hopefully many more to look forward to


Happy Cake day!


I tried looking for a gif worthy of your anniversary, but have come back empty handed. Regardless, I’m so happy that you joined the forum. I don’t think it would quite be the same without you or your memes. :slight_smile:

Happy belated anniversary HBDL. :cake: