Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father’s Day to dad’s on and off the forum!


I’m trying to think of all the dad’s here, if you know one call em out!

@MaddCow @Gertz @ArPharazon @SlabOMeat @niaccurshi


How could you forget @niaccurshi? :slight_smile:


Forgivable, it’s only early days :smiley:


Oh my…I am so sorry!


Anybody out there with an awesome Dad, make sure you let them know!!! Not everybody is privileged enough to grow up with a Father. Make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them!!!


You forgot TMTR, how could you!


Father’s Day is Semptember 24th for us, but happy Father’s Day other side of the world people!


Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome fathers out there. :slight_smile:


I wished the wall a happy fathers day but it didn’t say anything back… Wish my dad would be home sooner ;-;


Fathers day has been rough, to say the least, this year. I lost my firstborn about 6 months ago.

Cherish your family with your whole being everyday. You never know when your last day with a loved one is.


I am really sorry to hear that. I cannot even imagine…