Happy Comunity Manager Appreciation Day!


Happy CMAD @Shaners! We all love you!

This was the 2015 CMAD Day where @The_CreatorX officially announced January 26 (Australia Day :balloon:) to be the annual Community manager appreciation day!

Now how do I know that this day exists?

[size=4]Because I was here before a lot of you…[/size]

Actually TMTR mentioned it when he reacted to his old posts.

~flies away into the distance~


Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, Shane! And a big shout out to Chloe as well!

You guys are awesome!


Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!!! :bucket_cute:




Hey, community manger, you yeah you. We appreciate you :wink:

Have a great day guys


Still uploading I see? :wink:


I love the name of the image. :stuck_out_tongue:


I! Oh— wow!!

This made my day so much better!!

I kept seeing all the social posts about Community Manager Appreciation and secretly wishing someone would notice. hahaha

I really do love you all. Thank you so much for your support and kindness!

My community wouldn’t be as awesome as it is without all of you!


The best CM’s reflect the very best of the community’s they manage.

@kalishaners is the heart, soul and that little something extra that makes this community as awesome as it is… Plus dam this gal knows how to make trailers!!


My favourite community management team ever.
Keep up the great job.


Woooo!!! Stay awesome possum.


Dawww I love that outlook Cockney!! What a lovely way to look at my job! haha

Thank you so much!!


Omg! That’s amazing!

steals gif


Happy Community Appreciation Day!


Oh wait, what is this? A cake for our community manager? Oh I think it is!