Happy Birthday to me (and others)


And I’m throwing you all a party! Good going you guys! :cake:


Happy Birthday!

Unless this is an April Fool’s thing…


You’re far from the first to assume this.


Mine too, friend :wink: we spoke a bit about it in that thread a while back too! There was another user as well who has a birthday today. Lots of birthdays all around!


Yes! @OJay_Mjay_Broths where are you?


Happy Birthday @Kefka_Palazzo and @Hydrawolf and @OJay_Mjay_Broths. :smile:

Wishing you very merry hunting for the rest of today. :smile:


The cake is a lie!

Nah, but happy birthday I suppose. ^.-


Happy BIRTHDAYYYYY May the force be with you today!


Happy Birthday to you! :cake:


Happy birthday, gang!


Thank you very much guys :smiley:

Edit: and Happy Birthday too all other happy birthday children :smiley:


I remember I said once, that I have birthday on April Fools Day, but you still knew that? :smiley:
Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday to all of you, friends! :smile:


What about me? I’m not a friend? -.-

Fine! <Messing with you.


You’re all my friends here!

Is it your birthday too?


Happy Birth day.

So what time did you come out of today young Goiliath.

Have you come to help destroy the HU-MANS


Happy birthday. May a bright pink Kraken explode from your cake and shower the room in sugary goodness.


Happy day of birth!! Praise the sun!


Uhhh I would be terrified


It would be like aftershock but with candy. What’s there to be afraid of?