Happy Birthday, Takran! 🍰


Hope you have a great day, Tak!



Happy Bday!


Happy Birthday, Takran! : D


Happy birthday Takran!


Ay,happy birthday man,you are the reason i got in doing graphic as a hobby


Happy birthday, Takran!!!

(BTW I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fix my mental pronunciation of your avatar)


I haven’t either!


Happy birthday! :cupcake: :dancer:


It’s lord Takran’s birthday!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday!


Happy birthday my guy


Oh, I hope I’m not late to the party :smile:
Happy birthday, Takran! We may not have interacted a lot before, but I for one truly appreciate your contributions to the community!
Have this party Kraken :D.


Happy Birthday @Takran!!

Sorry for the delay, hope you had a good day, ate a lot of cake and had fun! :slight_smile:


Happy belated birthday!


oh my holy crap, I’m late again.


Happy late-birthday Takran!! :smile: :cake:


Thank you guys so much! Sorry I’ve been out this week - hectic stuff going on! It was an awesome birthday though. You all rule!

Also @shika holy geez that art rules. Thank you so much!


Belated happy birthday, Takran! :cake: :cupcake: :birthday:


I am way late lol

Happy birthday dude!