Happy Birthday, SnakeSound222!


Have a good’un!

@SnakeSound222 :smiley:


Happy Birthday, Snek!


Thank you guys! Oh, and what I got so far:
Mortal Kombat XL PS4
Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition PS4
Fallout 4 PS4
Godzilla: Oblivion issue 2, subscription cover
LeBron 13 Friday the 13th special edition


Happy birthday fellow Godzilla fan!



Rainbow Six for Life


Happy Birthday, Snake!


Happy birthday SnakeSound222. I hope you have a great day. :slight_smile:

Always wanted to try Mortal Kombat X, but didn’t want to spend the money just in case I didn’t like it or got bored quickly. Fallout 4 is amazing. I’d recommend getting the season pass at some point as it really is worth it. Not played much of far harbor, but it is absolutely massive considering it’s dlc and seems really interesting so far.

I’ll try not to rattle on so here’s the customary unicorn gif. :sunglasses:

Edit: Forgot the unicorn gif. :smile:


I have had a wonderful birthday, expect for running into this Hunter team twice that all ran MS or DB (If I see that team again I’m dodging them) and Evolve refusing to load up players in Ranked. I found players, but the game got stuck on the “waiting for players to load” screen. Hopefully the game will load up tomorrow. I will try Fallout either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh and thank you guys!


Happy Birthday!


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