Happy birthday Rapterror!


It makes sense if you think about it. Exactly 1 year later would still be a day after the 28th, which is the 1st march (obviously :smile:).


You and your logic. Away with thee!


Happy birthday!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :birthday:


Not here lol


I’m here noww -Valerie


Umm ya sure okayyy


We’re trading accounts. We’re both logged into Rapterror.


Pretty coolio


I’m afraid. Really afraid.


You know it’s Rapterror when I talk like a regular human. Like this.


Is it really you though?

Like REALLY you?


I know. I just am a tiny bit worried.


Or like this. I’m a human too, you know.


no im paul


@Rapterror Happy Birthday! Welcome Home! (A little Throwback for ya)


Hahaha! I was just making him a new thread…guess you beat me to it too!


@Kathryn_James @SledgePainter

Aw, thank you guys so much! It means a lot :slight_smile:

Also, the picture of me in here from when I was a kid are t e r r i b l e, here’s a better one I posted on my Instagram story today so you can see I don’t still look like a Dollar Tree brand Justin Bieber


Happy birthday!


Hehe, compared photos is FUN! You’re cute!