Happy birthday Rapterror!


He became 4 today!


Wow! I am 2 now!

EDIT: lol typo?


No, he is 4 today.


Born 2000 on leap year day. Leap year day comes once every four years. Technically I’m four, but physically I’m sixteen.

Also, aw, @Shaners didn’t say happy birthday ;-;


But mentally you’re still 4.


Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.


Happy birthday :smiley: :birthday:


Happy birthday rapterror
Don’t know you but it’s good to get the message from people especially randomly people​:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:party hard


Wow really? You have birthday party’s and stuff on March 1st or February 28th that isn’t a leap year?

I’m so curious. I never knew a person that was born on a leap year O.o


I don’t celebrate it on the 29th ever. Always March 1st.


Happy B day rapt! :+1:


Happy birthday Rapterror! :cupcake: :slightly_smiling:


@Valerie Where you at


Oh! I finally have met someone who is born on leap year!


Shaners was sick! :,(

I wish you the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS rapterror! :heart::slight_smile:


How is leap year birthdays handled in the legal sense? I’ve always been curious. Like, you can go and get a permit to drive when you’re 16, but technically, you’re 4 years old.


Happy Birthday Rapt!!! :smiley: :combattrapjaw:


I believe it defaults to the 28th.


I defaulted to the first, today.


Huh, seems odd that you’d shift into the following month.