Happy Birthday Miley! 'Miley The Gorgon' (Friendship is Magic Song)


Happy Birthday, My “Free Spirited”, “Eye Candy”, “Flirtatiously Sexy”, “Wonder Woman”! Best Wishes Miley,

Watch it on youtube.

Listen to it for free or download it [on Soundcloud]


…first Gorgon, then MLP…




also doesnt this belong in off topic or something?


Because it’s a song of Gorgon but she doesn’t have her own topic, so monster content it is.



Monster thread is to discuss monsters. If not offtopic then community content.


That would work, moving it.


@Azmi_Anuar I changed it to community content .


Azmi… Buddy… Please… Your forcing Miley down everyone’s throats… It’s getting old and it’s pissing off a lot of people.

It was a funny thing in the beginning but good Lord this has gotta stop. ಠ_ಠ


#No one has to know


I just find this really um… Inappropriate for the forums I guess. Its really not that funny to me anymore.


I never liked it anyhow. I know a lot of people do, including @Azmi_Anuar, but it’s none of my business

I may or not like this picture more than I’m supposed to


Not sure it I read that in as I don’t really like Miley or if some people actually cared about Miley. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we should limit the amount of threads people can have, especially if they have 500+ Topics started already…


It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s okay if you and others like it, just like I love and watch YTP’s, but I don’t force it down everyone’s throat every second I get. (Saying this whilst watching a YTP)



I wouldn’t be opposed. That wouldn’t bother me any.


I’d be col with that, it’l give me more time to work on higer quality posts which I have been lacking for a few months now.