Happy Birthday, Kai! 🎈


Fish do that too.


I doubt the fish you saw ate their own kind :’>
… Or do all fishies do that…?



Happy birthday Kai!!! :smile:



Just posting the mandatory gif, don’t mind me.


Hold your horses, edgyboi.


Bit late, but happy bday u edge.



Thanks Monthyyyy >~<

I love your picture for the hug. There there, being smol is fine >.<





Happy birthday Kai my kiddo!

Oh wait, wrong Kai



Elebits is fresh.


Nice to see someone who knows Elebits here, definitely an EXTREMELY underrated gem, it’s so underrated to the point I couldn’t find even a single page on the internet saying they should revive the series (definitely Konami won’t, looking at what they’ve been doing to their franchises lately). At least Klonoa (a series I thought to be the most underrated on the planet) has a handful of kind fans with good fan arts here and there, whereas it is completely non-existent in Elebits’ case. I was like: Hey, a forum member is named Kai and Elebits’ character is also Kai so why not make give the series a little attention and make a joke about it lol!

I first found about Elebtis (this year!) when I was looking for Wii-exclusive games until I came upon Elebits. What caught my attention for Elebits is that Kai was so EarthBound-looking character (and I love EarthBound’s character design so much because it’s so cute, elegant and heartwarming <3)

Fun fact: Kai resembles Lucas from Mother 3 the most out of all the series’ characters and their debut games were both in 2006.


Klonoa was good too.


I was too late.


It’s fiiiine Azmi! >.<

You’re cool so it’s all cool :>


I am well! I miss you!!



Awwww… I appreciate that very much >~<

I’m glad to hear you’re fine Lady Shaners ^^

For a birthday thread, this is lasting too long >.<