Happy Birthday, Kai! 🎈


It was too good not to use :grin:


Happy birth


@Kai I know you’re an edgelord so welcome closer to the life of adulthood and responsibilities. Enjoy your day




Unoriginal birthday wishes comment.

Like, so unoriginal that I’ve made comments like this multiple times in the past


Happy Birthday!


we go out of way to happy birthday, its … the thought that counts.


Another consecutive year of not getting fatally sucked into a landslide or similar natural disaster.

Keep up the good work!


Happy Birthday @Kai! Let’s see…what birthday gif do I have that’s not been used before

Good enough :slight_smile:


What is this birthday song… I love it so much XD


thanks a bunch all ^~^
For this, I shall hold my wrath for a short season before bringing destruction upon you all :>

You are all most... Welcome~ really, thanks for the good wishes guys! >~<

Bow edgy


Happy Birthday Kai!!

<3 <3 And everyone else I’ve missed in the meantime! :,(


Lady Shaners came on and said happy birthday to me…

Very much appreciated Lady Shaners >w<
Hope you’ve been well OwO



Went to n aquarium. Was fun!


This is why I love you. <3 Happy Birthday.




Is being edgy part of my charm mommy? >w<

Thanks for wishing me happy birthday ^w^
… Even though I’m in bed OwO”


Thanks for the musical Garra >.<
I like how random you are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@DarkMesa Did you eat fish in front of the fishes? @w@

~show them true fear~


Fish eat fish. I doubt they would be scared if me eating fish.


… Uhhh… Eat the same kind of fish. OwO”