Happy Birthday Grandma Lennox 🍰 ( and Hunting Season 2 )


Its the 23rd June its the Day Where a wonderful and Bad Ass Granny has join the Cabot Team

I really wanted to draw something of her but i sadly didnt got Time for it ( maybe I will do something for Gorgon :stuck_out_tongue: ) so here is a Cake :cake: and my old Lennox Artwork ( still my Best Artwork i has ever made Thank you TRS^^ )

Damn already 1 Year since Hunting Season 2 came out O.O i feel so old like a Grandma


I’m counting down the days until Emet turns 1.

Only 5 or so months to go :wink:


Still blown away that she’s voiced by the mom from Wishbone. :open_mouth:


Wait what? You kept track of this? I feel so old! What year is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good lord a year already!? my god things fly so fast. And weirdly, it all still feels so fresh.