Happy Birthday GoGoGoliath! 🥳


As well as a very

Have a great day, @GoGoGoliath! Get your stomp on!


Happy birthday buddy!


Happy New Birthday bb :slight_smile:



Happy Birthday mate



Get hella drunk and regret it all tomorrow my dude


Omg Happy Birthday you Capricorn or possibly Sagittarius if you follow the recent trends and new alignments ^.^

Go level a city, play King of Monsters on Neo Geo and dont forget to eat your cake too


Awww thanks everyone :slight_smile:



Happy birthday!

Can’t forget our favorite Behemoth!


I have a new PC that is ULTRA powerful. Maybe I’ll play Evolve again sometime!


I really hope to see you in action again! I know @The_Specialist does too.


You are totally our favorite Behemoth but definitely an annoying Behemoth to play against…so many scares…



Hello! Happy birthday!


Happy (once again late) birthday GoGoGoGoGoGoGoGoliath (I’m not sorry).
Here, have a fan art I picked up from the internet for you (in case you collect them in a folder).

admit it, it looks epic


It does. But it’s the anime Godzilla. He deserves better. :wink:


Happy belated birthday, GoGo.

You’ve got the same birthday as my aunt. :open_mouth:

Sagittarius ends on the 21st of December.


not anymore… Scientist went in and recalculated the charts based on today’s star alignments. In that scenario Capricorn and Sagittarius shifted.

So it really depends, do you believe on old or new information. and since its astrology… well pick what ya want ^.^


“SCIENTISTS went in and recalculated the charts based on today’s star alignments.”
“and since its ASTROLOGY”

Emphasis mine… Does not compute…