Happy Birthday Dovah!


Happy Birthday, hope it’s a good one for you!

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Happy birthday man.



Happy Birthday!


What everyone else said.


Happy birthday dovahkick. I hope you have a great day. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday @Dovahkick! :slight_smile:



Happy Birthday, dudebruh!


Hope you have the best birthday Dovah! :wink:


I went to Antibes Land yesterday, an amusement park. I had a ton of fun out there, I went there with my whole family, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend (a great guy).

We tried a couple of stands and activities:
We rolled in a ballon on the water, it was exhausting to the point that me and my sister both had our head red.

We climbed a wall to ring a bell and I was so confident in myself I rang the bell twice as fast as my sister (and I want to say as well that I never climb in my life).
The guy that runs the activity decided to give me another try for free because I was too fast, so he put me on the most difficult section, and I still managed to ring the bell again with some struggles. I won a laser pointer after that and my sister a plush.

We tried two shooting stands, one based on luck with dices (we won a plush) and one based on reflexes with ballons (we won another plush).

We went to a place to eat, but because it’s in an amusement park…well, the food here is of what I’d say subpar quality. I took for example a granita (ice cubes mixed together with a flavor) flavor strawbery-banana, it was super chemical, so I gave it to my dad instead who finished it (I don’t know how he could handle it, not even my mother liked it).

We then went to a bumper car, I could see my sister with her boyfriend in the same car while I was trying to bump everyone I encountered. My dad had got a free token as well, but my mother did not want to try so he instead gave it to my sister so she could have another try.

We then went to the “Big Glisse” (which stands for “Big Slide”) and I was more scared of the stairs than the slide, the stairs were a thin metal plate with holes in it, you oculd see how thin it was.

Finally, we went to a centrifuge, the best kind of activity so far for me. My sister was allowed to record us while she was above as a spectator, while me and her boyfriend were getting stuck on the walls of the centrifuge. It was amazing because you could feel the effects of gravity, the ground did not feel like the ground anymore, the walls felt like the ground instead, we could barely lift our head.

Here’s a couple of videos my sister made during the tour.
The guy with glasses, a bag and dark clothes, that’s me.


Sounds like fun.

One question, did you use actual guns?


No, they were carbines with air compression, you put little leads in the canon (you must unfold the carbine to put the lead), then you aim and shoot at targets, they can be balloons or metal plates to make things fall (like dices in my case).


Still cool. I like it.