Happy (Belated) Birthday Chrono


Happy, belated, birthday! Only missed it by three days. Hope you had a good one!


Happy Birthday Chrono!

Yay I did it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Eyy happy birthday.


Happy birthday!


There’s a joke here somewhere when a member named Chrono has a belated birthday, but I’m too befuddled to find it.

So I hope you had a happy birthday!


Does it have something to do with Chrono Trigger or just time in general? Because I found those pieces as well, now just gotta put the puzzle together somehow.

Oh well. @chrono, here’s a character you probably don’t know congratulating you on the closest celebratory reason I could find considering I couldn’t find any happy birthday related ones.


Forgot about chrono trigger…I assumed it was time based…now I’m not sure.


Happy belated birthday chrono. Hope you had a great day. :slight_smile:


Happy Belated .


Herpy burlarted Burtdey


Ey! Birthday Happy, my friend!


Thanks doods.


That man is a serial murderer!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday you magical clock. xp



A little late but happy birthday

Party hard and forget about it and ask questions the next day.


I’m even late to the belated birthday parties… Damn. :confused:

Happy belated birthday though! :slight_smile: :cake: