Happy April Fools


So what did you do today for April Fools?


Nothing, too busy falling for everyone elses April Fools jokes on the Forum. :smile:


Played Evolve with @SlinkyGuy. :bucket_cute:


Put a usb for a wireless mouse in someones computer. :smile:


I have been wrecking lots of Behemoth players in PUG’s. Gotta love Torvald. :smile:


Wow, that’s awesome. How long did it take for them to figure out what was happening?


Around a hour. You know how some apple computer keyboards have the usb on the side hidden. :smile:


Nothing at all.


Got into my sisters phone and changed the passcode


So she had now pass word or you know her pass word. Either way did she figure it out?


I knew her passcode because she told me when I needed to borrow it one time. So I changed it and she doesn’t know what I changed it to


:bucket:: Well job well done good sir. Should I suggest you should run well away before the Wraith attempts to dismember you


O you bet I triple jet pack boosted out of there, even got ahold of Caira’s acceleration field to get out of that one


:bucket:: Sir if my calculations are correct you will also need Sunny’s JetPack booster. As well ride Daisy across the map. Till we can safely Evacuate you to a secure location.

:bucket:: So in words you may comprehend…

:bucket:: But seriously sir leave as fast as you can before she figures out


I pretended to be mad and closed a topic. April Fools.

…Then I walked right into the other ones.


ha…haha…hahu…uh…Please don’t :joy:


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Almost fell for that one. :laughing:


Hehehehe. :stuck_out_tongue:


When did you change your name? I’ve only just noticed. :smiley: