Happy Anniversary ToiletWraith!


She’s been here for an entire year now! We’ve seen climb up the ranks and become the wonderful leader she is today! Thanks for all you’ve done @ToiletWraith. Keep up the good work.


Best EUNE lol player :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats!!! ^^


Bra gjort!


o_o It’s my anniversary?


Herpy Burt…I mean uh Aurnervarsury!


May the Swedish rejoice!!





Ha! I didn’t know, yay me I guess!


It isn’t her anniversary until she gets the badge.

Swedish meatballs


Yeehaaaa!!! Swede.


But I’m English! I only moved to Sweden ;W;


shhhh don’t mess up their spirit


Once you go to sweden, you’ll never come back


Does the same apply when I go to Ikea?



Tänk va kul det har varit det senaste året med Evolve. Fått nya vänner byggt upp en community runt det.
Tack till alla som har varit här ända sen början till “slutet” och deltagit och gjort den här upplevelsen häftig.:joy:

That was just some swedish… cause i felt like it and i am a swede it also kinda had somthing to do with this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:
Basically i wanted to say thanks to this game and everybody that has been pert of it. I have made new friends and had a lot of fun with evolve and it has been an awsome overall experiance. :smiley:

Happy Hunting! :smiley:

P.S and ofcourse happy anniversary to Toiletwraith and all the other peeps that have been here for the past year. :slight_smile:


Congrats!! :smiley:


This would fit you so well if you could photoshop minions with crazy sentry guns… lol



Woot! Happy anniversary TW!

Thanks for the awesome year with you in our community! :smiley:


Welcome to the club of real OG’s

I am member too, but no one cares