Happy Anniversary... Me


February 2015 I got to play a game I had been anticipating for 2 years. March 2015 I joined the forums to ask a question about Bob. Since then I’ve met many of you and had excellent discussions and games with a lot of the community. A community I am proud to be apart of and look forward to remaining apart of for the foreseeable future.

So happy anniversary… Me😅




Smh, you’re doing it wrong.



Couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:


Could’ve just searched it up, but hey. I understand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Break out the champagne!!! If he’s not old enough then get some lemonade?


Happy anniversary on the forums @Atrinoch!!! :smile:
I was away for mine. Would’ve been March 10th.


It’s too much to do :laughing:


I prefer red wine, but champagne better for the occasion I suppose :grin:



well have a happy christmas


Yay! Thank you for being part of this community! :slight_smile:


Happy Anniversary! Sorry for my lateness.


Happy Anniversary! :slight_smile:

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