Happy 4th of July! 🎉


Happy 4th of July to those that celebrate it!

######Time to shitpost some memes.

Why do you guys celebrate the 4th of July asks someone from another country?


Happy British Treason Day!

Also anybody who actually refers to the United States of America as Merica or Murica is not a true patriot…


To celebrate, I get to work until 1 AM! :flag_us:


What about “A’murica”? :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know that there was this celebration. I’m not an american but a frenchy european.
Happy July 4th, I guess .


#####even though I’m not American


Great… My Noisy Neighbours are at it again… Le sigh…


Happy Freedom Day :slight_smile:


We had people setting off m180’s or something equally ridiculous at noon yesterday. Shook our whole house. :expressionless:



I think you made a mistake, this thread is about the 4th of July, not the Brexit


I really don’t think he did…


I chose this shirt to wear today


Actually, it’s Happy High Treason Day! =D





Murica, Fuk yeh!


I personally don’t get it. Like, I get going to a professional fireworks show…that’s always a fun time. I just don’t see buying them for yourself. Never did and never will really. I’m talking about the biggies.

Here in Illinois we are almost totally banned from having fireworks save for sparklers and snakes. That’s about the extent of it, and for the past few years they have been really trying to ban sparklers…yes, even sparklers! Because too many kids get burnt I guess. Bottle rockets, fountains, roman candles etc…all considered projectiles too and have all recently been banned as well. Everything good for a show of any sort is all banned, let alone mortars like what is seen in the big time shows…of course those are right out.

However, Wisconsin and Indiana are just 2 hour drives away and those states don’t have any bans at all, so people from IL go over there, buy hundreds of bucks worth of these things, and come home if they can make it past the cops…and living on farmland I can tell you that out here when they know they won’t really be caught they buy the biggies. But just in case anyone calls the cops…they have a system. They only blast one mortar off every 30 minutes or so…I wager in the time it takes to finish a beer and get up to get another one. They launch one mega blast, and 30 minutes later, another one, and so on…for hours into the night. It really gets under my skin since I’d rather they did them back-to-back and get it over with. Cops eventually come, but nobody is seen blowing anything off or a stockpile nearby, so the cops can’t do anything anyway.

I can expect to hear mortars all weekend long and with the non-raininess of IL lately the tall grass in our field needs watching. Our main tractor has taken a header so we can’t keep the field cut as usual so this could be a problem if their fireworks ignite our field…since of course they go off over us. We recently planted 300 trees and I swear if they damage our trees they will NOT want to see me charging towards them with my wrath. I already have a hard enough time with them and their guns and I recently found a bullet-shaped hole in one of our windows. I can’t be sure it was from a gunshot or possibly thrown debris from the mower…but I am always on guard from our neighbors and I always have a Not-In-My-Backyard-You-Don’t! firearm at the ready.

These people set aside hundreds of dollars for this because mortars are NOT CHEAP. I just don’t get it. I’d much rather have a new IPad or something for the at least $500+ they are spending on their “fun.” But hardly anyone out here is into computers, but they are phones…so why wouldn’t they want to buy a new phone that lasts instead of spend that kind of money for just a couple nights worth of booms?

Just don’t get it, man. I wish I had that kinda money to burn…then again, I usually spend that kinda money on stuff that lasts, not beers and booms. To each their own…I guess.


I made this thread at like 1 am in the morning and my neighbors were so anxious to celebrate that they were setting off fireworks at midnight.


Nope! Now go blow something up.


Time to liberate some countries.


I used to throw those mortars at our friends as kids. Lol.

Why do they bother you so? I love the noise. :slight_smile:

Also, bullet holes are pretty obvious. I don’t think its from a gun unless your neighbors are like retarded or something?


idk what to ill throw firecrackers or something