Happy 1 Year Evolve My Ideas For A Sequel! (Video Linked)


Still love this game and i still hope there is more to come in the video i talk about my ideas for a sequel check it out if oyu want to of course, just sharing my love as much as i can for this game


We just got a thread for its anniversary :slight_smile: .

Should this be moved @Buckets_Sentry_Gun ?


In before people complaining about sequel talk. :stuck_out_tongue:


No because its not an anniversary thread it’s a sequel suggestion thread.


Not this again. Ugh, I’m going to bed. Too tied to explain why this is dumb for the 10th time… :sweat:


I agree sequel talk is annoying but don’t tear a thread apart.

I share the same displeasure with them since I find then disrespectful to the game to a degree but to each their own.


yea don’t merge, but a sequel. :frowning:


I would talk about this, but I don’t think I can contain myself and say words that are suitable for the forums. Every single point you said has a stone hard reason why it can’t be done.


Fair enough that’s your opinion :+1:t2:


so irritating when you try to contribute ideas to the community and the jade has to swing by. like, if you don’t enjoy sequel talk, please take the blasé somewhere else.

I watched your video and loved the idea of playing scenarios that allow us to live some of the more pivotal moments in the game’s rich and extensive mythology.

A lot of your ideas could be incorporated into the game as it is now, too.


thanks very much =]


The biggest reason talk of sequels irritates people is because this game, the current version, is still going strong. New content can be applied, new mechanics can be added via title update, basically anything that can be done in a sequel can be implemented into the existing game. There hasn’t even been a platform jump, so there is no reason to actually try to trade up when there isn’t an “up” yet. A second Evolve game would be the equivalent of a $60+ title update, but without access to all previous content, which would make having bought one of the two a waste of money.

It’s like the Assassin’s Creed games. There was two or three per year at one point and none of them were particularly great. Not enough time developing so there wasn’t almost anything new in terms of mechanics and style. In short, the game was new, but the material was not. If a singular game had been worked on, it would be worth more and be more enjoyable than releasing something else entirely every few months just because they have a couple new ideas.

If Evolve ever gets a sequel, it needs to be when there has been a system and platform upgrade, and when TRS has moved onto another thing since. If it’s done any time soon, it’ll be a rehash of the first and people will still avoid it like the plague simply because they didn’t like the first one.

Think of it like this: If you played a game that you hated and couldn’t enjoy no matter what, then you saw they put out a sequel one year later that was basically the same, but with slightly altered features and a couple shiny new things, would you buy it? No. Nobody would. It would be dumb to do so. This would be the case for Evolve. People hated it, people stopped playing. People will avoid the next one unless it’s given time to smooth over.

Now, lets say it’s the same scenario, but four years have passed. They’ve had plenty of time to change it up, they’ve worked out bugs, learned from their first mistakes, and it’s all shiny and brand new. Similar gameplay, but added features, completely new content, new limits for the new consoles, and it’s overall better. This is a whole new game. Not a rehash, or a cash grab. It’s another attempt with earnest effort, instead of releasing something because that’s how other companies do it. On top of people willing to give it another go, there is a whole new generation or two of gamers keen on playing this game.


For anyone interested I’ve got another video coming out hopefully later tonight just about my ideas for future hunters just a bit of fun!

I’d love to know everyone else’s ideas too ill post it on here and another thread when it’s up



My Other New Video My Ideas For Future Hunters