Hank's shield projector full time used


I’ve seen plenty of Hank players using the shield projector at full time, they even keep using the shield even if it isn’t necessary.
I mean for example, the medic is shielded and fully healed but the trapper isn’t and he is low on health, then the monster runs toward the trapper, what should the player do? Protect the trapper. What he REALLY do? Keeps protecting the medic and let the trapper die.

I have a suggestion to prevent the players to keep using the shield on the same hunter AND warning him to stop and focus on another hunter.
It’s to add a countdown of 5 seconds, if the 5 seconds are over, the shield starts to deplete itself by 10~15% per second until it absorbs damages or changes hunter.

I also think it’s good for new players, so they can learn a bit more on teamwork…maybe.


That decay rate is way too high. This also would be one terrible nerf. Sometimes you need to have the shield on someone before hand because of their current health or situation.


Nerf Hank and bye-bye defensive supports.

Hank is balanced atm.

please don't nerf


Yeah, Hank is fine as he is.



So much nope for this suggestion. Soo much nope.


It’s 10% per second! In 10 seconds only, the shield is empty. But if it takes damages/changes hunter during the countdown, the countdown is reset, do you get it? And if it takes damages/changes hunter after the countdown, the countdown is also reset! It’s like the plasma punch of Lennox. It’s about the issue of shielding only one hunter per game!


Aaand it’s flaged…welp, that was a try.


I was talking about it negatively.


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