Hank's shield projector: "Charge" vs. "Link"


It might come off as overpowered, but I want to know what people think.

Currently, Hank needs to keep a link and line of sight of his target to put a shield on them, that eventually runs out or loses effectiveness when he makes multiple links. This shield is temporary, and can be stopped if the monster body blocks the target.

What if Hank’s shield had a charge that could be placed onto hunters, and can only be placed when a link is made for 5 seconds or so? Meaning, if Hank kept a link on the Medic for a few seconds, the link would break and a shield would be made on the Medic for a breif period of time, weaker than the Assault’s shield. Any opinions?


Don’t like it. A good Hank is switching his shield target as often as the monster is switching his damage target, which is often several times in the span of 5 seconds.

If you mean that it had the charge in addition to its current functionality, I think that would just be plain overpowered, even if it had to be maintained over time or something weird like that.

Needing to constantly evaluate the fight and reposition to be effective is one of the key skills for Support, and I don’t really see any reason to make that easier.


I use Hank and prefer the current build.

The importance of the shield is to bounce back and forth based on who is getting attacked. It does not need to stay on one person like that.