Hank's Shield Projector/1 Strike

This is a small bug that doesn’t really affect gameplay but it’s given me a fright a few times and I would like to see it ironed out, but because of my first point I’m not going to ride TRS over it.

If a Hunter has 1 Strike and Hank uses his Shield Projector it appears as though the person you are Shielding has 2 Strikes. I don’t know how to get a video from my PS4 to my laptop but if someone can tell me then I should easily be able to get a recording of it.

NOTE: It is only Hank’s Shield Projector that does this (in my experience). I have not seen the same bug with Assault’s Personal Shield or Sunny’s Shield Drone. Although there is the possibility that I just haven’t noticed it because I haven’t been looking at their health bar like I would when I’m Hank.

Also, I do not know if this affects the targeted player’s HUD, but as Hank, when I Shield them the extra strike indicator appears.

Not sure if Console will affect it but if it does, as I said, I play on PS4.

Thank you for your time.

Known bug. If they’re on two strikes it’ll show one.

Been reported many times before.

:support: :smile:

Press the share button on your controller 2 times and it will show up in the top left corner that you are recording. It will record up to 15 minutes and save the recording, then start another recording. When you are done with the recording, do NOT press share 2 times again, just press it once and press square to save the film. Then you can press Upload video, choose out of the 3 social media outlets and trim, or update the title and the description.

Yeah, this is a pretty old bug. I noticed it in the Lennox reveal video :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Didn’t realize this was known (cba reading known bugs :smile:) I’ll change the title.

Thanks, leave the determination of if a bug is logged or not in the title for the devs, this way there is no chance of them missing anything or getting confused!