Hank's shield is so unfair


Seriously, aside from the fact that it can protect a hunter 100% from so-damaging monster abilities like Goliath’s rock, it regenerates so damn fast.
Make his shield take 20-30 seconds to fully recharge.
Make his shield protection lower that, like Goliath’s rock, should destroy AND damages the hunter at the same time.

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ TRS nerf Hank and Slim (as I said here: Slim is cheap and should be nerfed) in the next patch that is coming August 30.

Because seriously, every time you see Hank and Slim together, you won’t know whom to attack, attacking Hank will make Slim regenerate health, and attacking Slim will make Hank use his shield, it’s literally “pick your poison motherfucker!”.


Are you serious? That is way to long, if you make hanks shield take +20 sec to recharge, he will be trash tier for sure.

Shield Burst
Self shield value reduced from 575 to 545 units
Self shield decay rate increased from 35 to 39

The self sustain of Hank has been nerfed, that`s enaugh.

Im not a Hank/hunter main!


Okay, how about 15 seconds?


Goliath’s Rock already does do about 100 damage on top of destroying the shield, unless Hank’s taken Capacity.


You have to understand that hank is like a shield bot with some extras. His main weapon deals no dmg, hanks Orbital has a long CD and is rarely usefull.

You cant nerf his shield without making him useless. :frowning:
I think he is pretty balanced ^^


Basically this lol. Hank’s Shield gun is literally the only useful thing in his kit. Barrage and Laser Cutter are rarely more than satisfactory.


Are you serious ? Hank’s shield is basicly all he has now, and his shield can only block 1 ability per rotation. His orbital is nearly useless now, laser does no damage and he has poor self sustain. Just NO.


Nerfing characters into oblivion isn’t going to fix balance


As broken as Hank is. This meant to be a joke right? right??


Just ANYTHING, end this Slim-Hank nightmare!!!


Nerf slim then, not hank. We had enough hank nerfs


I dunno why you linked me into this it’s probably because I said something in a recent thread.

Even though I can’t play frickin stage 2 I’ll try to offer some advice [quote=“GSUser43, post:1, topic:100682”]
every time you see Hank and Slim together, you won’t know whom to attack, attacking Hank will make Slim regenerate health, and attacking Slim will make Hank use his shield

So this right here stood out to me, and what your saying in theory sounds like it would be unstoppable no doubt but if you fear fighting these two that bad lemme just make this statement. If Hank is focused, yes Slim can heal indefinitely, that’s true, but that’s the same for trying to focus anyone with Slim around.

The key has and always will be to focus Slim, now if you focus him and land all your moves then you’ll cut down the shield eventually and out do the healing yes, now no doubt you’ll probably have to lose some health in the process but this is where it comes down to what you do and how you do it.

I would suggest taking a damage perk, a DoT perk and a cooldown perk for maximum damage and good speeds. If that were used against a non Slim/Hank team then it would probably be crazy OP especially if one of those DoT perks were those fly swatted ones.

Point is it’s not unbeatable just like neither was the Kraken back in the day, he just took the right team and one wrong pick could screw the team over in the end.


if you nerf slim, he will be useless without hank


Just focus Hank all the time my friend, maybe try to throw slim of balance with a skill here and there. Really in the Hank - Slim combo Slim is the overpowered lad.

Try full reload Hank and see his Orbital pop every other second :wink: You will change your mind about Orbital.

Slim needs to be tweaked down my friend he is uncanny right now.


I don’t know if the cutter changed in stage 2 but it was fairly meaningful in legacy


Ohmygod it’s you again