Hank's Shield Gun Vs. Sunny's Shield Drones?


Who is best at saving the team from burst damage destruction. Sunny and her multiple deployable Shield Drones? Or Hank and his man controlled Shield Gun?


Sunny only has one* shield drone and it only provides protection after damage is taken. Hank can prevent damage as long as he has the capacity.

My vote is for Hank.

*multiple drones is a bug.


Is there a healer and what do you consider Burst? (I’m assuming 2-3 high damage skills and being focused after?)


Well the glitch is kinda what happens. Besides it makes you think of more possibilities.


A well-placed shield drone does magic compared to Hank, but its not always perfect. I struggle much more against shield drones due to their recharge rate and HP, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out after the next micro-patch.


Heavy Damage.
'Nuff said


Sunny has her mini nuke launcher, dealing damage at a slightly faster rate.
And her shield drones only take seconds to recharge.


I prefer Sunny because I can throw down the drone and concentrate on dealing damage to the monster or boosting people’s jetpacks out of danger. I’m not a good Hank because all I wanna do is fire lasers and bombard the monster with orbital strikes. I rarely shield and so he is my least played support.

If you just compare a great Hank to Sunny’s drone, Hank would win, but if you compare Sunny’s ability to boost people out of danger combined with her shield drone, she would win. Just my two cents.


In general? Sunny. Because she can shield your target AND jetpack boost him out of danger at the same time.


Hank in my opinion. Sunny’s shield drone can be exploited, and made useless by attacking separate targets. Hank’s can’t, because it’s player controlled. I don’t put much trust into the AI.


Hank. Sunny’s shield drone is a poor man’s Hank.


Sunny. With more total shield energy (1000 vs Hank’s 800) and a completely insanely higher shield regeneration rate after the drone reaches full charge (200 per second vs Hank’s ~76 per second) Sunny blows Hank out of the water. Let’s not forget that shield drones are the most durable deployed in the game by far, with over twice as much hp as Bucket’s sentries.


Is there actually multiple drones?
my friends and I tested the bug when we first heard about stacking.
And the destroyed drones would still deploy a beam when the current drone does.
But we solved it over as a visual bug. as it didn’t increase the shield strength
Did the bug get worse?


Both are good but for me there’s a obvious winner and that’s Sunny,and i’ll tell you why…

When Sunny put’s her Drone down she can then concentrate on using the jet booster to further more help out hunters who are getting attacked,this way the monster has more of a headache do i go and destroy the drone? by which time i’ve already anticipated him doing so,so i’ve put another one down just before then the monster is thinking grrr and maybe goes to the medic then i use my booster rinse and repeat.

Now obviously this doesn’t work all the time depending on your team mates and what not but for the most part Sunnies booster and drone for me is more viable than Hank’s shield protecter and his barrage strike.

P.S after the next title update i think maybe Hank will be better because i hear Sunny is getting a nerf of her Jet Booster so it kinda sucks but hey Hank will like it.


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Doesn’t Hank have 1000 shield energy as well?


Sunny is better.

she can still cloak when she’s doing damage, shielding a teammate as well as herself.

She does more damage with her primary. though at a limited range, but they are pretty easy to arc even a cat can do it.

boost not only increases your teams survivability, but they also work as a way to keep pressure on an evading monster. Something that up until her only Cabot can do, but only he can provide the pressure not the whole team in sunny’s case.

Shield done has more capacity than Hank’s with the same range and can still be used when support is stumbled. recharges 50% faster, oh and doesn’t break cloak.

So overall Sunny right now is a master leveled jack of all trades kind of support. Without a proper counter.


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