Hanks Shield Doesn't Put Out Fires [Not Bug]

I saw this on another recent post and just finished testing it myself and can confirm that hanks shield can’t put out hunters on fire anymore. I suppose that could be an intentional change but didn’t see it on the patch notes so I thought I would put it in as an official bug until we hear otherwise. I’m assuming Sunny’s doesn’t put out fires either but haven’t tested yet

Hmm, I wonder how it affects him since his shields were nerfed.

Assaults shield also doesn’t stop getting burned alive. No clue how they thought this was a good idea.

I suspect it might be some sort of oversight. Maybe some sort of coding this changed that. I can’t imagine it was intended.

This is intentional. It was a bug that it would put out fires before. It will prevent damage to the hunter, but the flame tick will be eaten by the shield.

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Have answer. Feel free to lock thread.


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