Hanks shield broken?


Why is hanks shield allowing him to put a full shield on the hunter even while he is very low on charge? This doesnt make sense if he can hold his shield on a hunter indefinitely until destroyed than the amount of shield on the hunter should be shown as how much shield charge hank has left. Otherwise he has infinite spam shield. I walked into a premade team with a hank griffin combo and i couldnt even make it out of stage one. This was my first loss today and the first round i havnt completely dominated. Griffin can constantly harpoon a behemoth to completely drain all stamina due to the recent patch. With a good caira there was no chasing caira down to stop the heals or hank to stop the infinite shield which made whoever i targeted completely invincible. Please go back to where hank has a real battery for his shield or make it shown how much shield energy is left. And maybe give him a timer on his reload so he cant constantly spam it or allow damage to carry over into health when the shield is weak.


Sorry for the story.


Hank’s shield has bleedthrough. For instance, say you rock throw (800 damage) someone that is being protected by Hank and he has only 400 capacity left, the shield will completely drain and 400 damage goes to the Hunter in question.

Hank sometimes needs to be the focus. If there is a Hank AND a Caira/Val then you have to target one of them as you can’t kill someone, especially at stage 1, that is being healed AND shielded.


Someone didn’t Win 100% of their games today? Must be op, :slight_smile:


Yeah totally uncalled for?


You’re trying to focus a shielded hunter as a stage 1?
Ok, I see what your problem is.


As i said. Focusing hank does what with a griffin that has great on point aim and destroys my traveral so i cant catch said hank. Plz read my first post before u reply


This is what i said i want to happen which means it wasnt happening. Possible bug? Stage 3 fissure vs nearly broken shield on very low hp hunter = hunter fine shield only broken.


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And thanks for letting me know something i didnt know for once… i cant seem to get good advice on these forums.


I apologize if you have a bad experience. There are usually a good number of people that are helpful in giving advice and tips. As for your specific instance, fissure might not have hit correctly or something. Normally though the damage will still go through. If anything, sometimes the shield doesn’t absorb anything and the full damage foes through.


No i said something reasonable which turned out to be a possible bug. Just wanted some good advice as to what was happening to me.


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Hm well i tried it three to four games in a row and i couldnt get the damage to go through. They were a really good team but i try watching the animations. If they get hit by fissure then they usually get knocked up and away. So those were the times i counted as the shield being broken when no damage goes through.


My bad just touched a nerve there… dunno why people cant keep the bad remarks to themselves :confused:


Don’t suppose you have any footage of this? Normally people are good at using the beam only as someone gets hit so that it lasts/recharges a lot better.


I wish i did i need to go ahead and get more space so i can record it. I remember the trappers name though so the team could be found again. It was Seth__Morgan on the ps4. One hell of a griff ill give him props on that.


So let me get this right. No matter what charge hanks shield is at, when he uses it on the hunter it will be a full shield? Not like sunnys jetpack booster that shows how much longer she can boost.


No, if it’s low, it’s low. However, even if it’s at 20% capacity left, and the Hank takes the shield off then shields the player again, visually it will show their whole HP bar enveloped in the shield (as if it’s 100% capacity). But, it’s still 20% capacity.

It’s supposed to only block the amount left in the shield’s battery (so 300 battery left = 300 damage). A good Hank can time and manage the shields so it recharges slightly inbetween the monster’s skills, just enough to keep a teammate alive. Was this what was happening, or did he keep the shield on constantly? If it wasn’t constant, I’d say he was just managing it very well or there’s a bug with Fissure and shielding.


It was pretty constant when i was wailing on them with melee, when it goes down i use fissure to put the hurtin on em, he shielded when my hands were coming down on the fissure so i would figure he wouldnt have much shield left. I also gave very little opportunity for recharge but rarely got any damage in and only manage to down them if i peeled one off around a corner.