Hanks shield blocking to much?


So I usually main as a monster. That being said I run into a lot of the hank medic combos. It wouldn’t be so bad if hanks shield didn’t block a level three rock, get turned off for a second and then come back at full strength, before another power hit could be done. Anyone else feel that hanks shield should remain at the level it was when it took the initial blow?


Attack Hank


IMO it’s fine but OP combined with Caira’s healing.


Are you suggesting that it takes longer for his shielding to recharge or…?


You just have to focus Hank which means you have to get him out of LOS of the medic.


It doesn’t refill in a second lol, it’s pretty easy to get past hanks shield projecter just need to time attacks better


HANK HAS CLOAK!!! i know, blows your mind huh


Try to adapt strategies to play to Hank’s weaknesses and counter the team. He is the weak link, in that all he has is his cloak. Remember, he can’t cloak and shield at the same time- use that to your advantage to get him to blow his abilities and lure him out. Try to learn the ins and outs of cloak and how you can track an invisible hunter.

I had a git gud image here :frowning: Mod abuse


If anything the rock throw is OP it kills you in 1 sometimes but I don’t want it nerfing because I’m not one of those cyber trolls wanting to ruin everyones experiences with nerf this nerf that Blaa Blaa Blaa


No, not at all in fact it can recharge faster. I’m just saying if the shield tanks a rock and goes down 3/4 then when he turns it off and back on it should only be at 1/4. and not full strength. The caira hank combo is op in my opinion but slims spore cloud also cloaks in a way. So maybe it should only be as strong as it’s charged.


I have never been one shotted by a rock throw unless two bars of my health is already gone.


I think that’s a visual bug.

Well there was a bug that allowed the rock throw apply it’s damage twice.


It doesn’t happen a lot,generally elite Goliath kills you in 1 with the rock same as kraken elite with lightening strike


it may be bug issues. I have recently been having games where one hunter floats above the map and the monsters get stuck in a falling motion. But if it’s how it’s showing it to me, the hunters health doesn’t go down even after a second hit.


I am an elite goliath and at full health a 3 bar rock still won’t kill them completely (and it shouldn’t) As far as monsters go they, could lessen the melee on the wraith. I’m mostly concerned about hanks power shield. Sure you could focus him but he’s getting healed the whole time and assault is just going to town. It’s never a simple thing to target one person and keep on them while getting harpooned or stasis/tranquilized.


You can have 10% left in your shield and it will still show as full (on the health bar of the hunter) if you stop holding the shield on the hunter and reapply it. A 3 point rock throw + a heavy melee will break through a full hank shield if it didn’t then that is a bug but if it just showed up as a full shield bar and you smashed all the way through it with a heavy melee then it isn’t.


just kill hank


I don’t really find it too much.


The little blue bar that’s supposed to indicate remaining Shield energy is broken, though.
I’m pretty sure it displays a full bar whenever you toggle the Shield off and on again despite the actual energy still being low.

It’s fairly easy to just blast through the Shield. I prefer that over attacking Hank because he still has the Orbital and Cloak up his sleeve.
Remember that any Medic with half a braincell will try to flee while shielded which means it’s easy for the Monster to “juggle” him/her away from the Assault and the Support.


Monsters have the potential to demolish hunters in 2 seconds. Hank prevents that every once in a while when his shield doesn’t have to recharge. You’re you want lvl 3 rock throws to go through the shield, well if you want that the damage of the rock throw also needs to be lower instead 60% health gone in 1 second.