Hanks orbital

Does anybody else think that hank shouldn’t be allowed to orbital his own body? He has his cloak, and he can also orbital himself. How are you supposed to focus this guy? Torvald can’t morter himself, why can hank orbital himself?

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About that…


This is being reduced next patch they are cutting down the duration to reduce some of his defense its being cut from 5.5-3.5 seconds but he needs it to keep him alive without his cloak he gets nuked easily

You’re sposed to bait him into cloaking and then try to chase him and if you can follow him while he cloaks he’ll probably orbital himself away and then he’s got nothing

Or bait the cloak wait for it to end go after him again he’ll orbital and if you can’t finish him before his next cloak he’ll have no orbital to save him after it ends.

Orbital takes a while to recharge, I never see it as a problem since I expect him to drop it if I start attacking him.

I honestly don’t think Hank should be able to orbital at his feet. I find it to be an unjustified get out of jail free card(I admit to being biased as I hate the amount of Hanks picked and the frustration of trying to break any comp he is in).

Last thing I want to see as a monster is getting my last few melees in and he gets an orbital through my melees and here I am taking free damage and he gets to be knocked about.

Instead of taking away his ability to orbital his feet(because despite being biased in this I think another change might be better)I had a thought that why not slightly increase the time it takes to call in an orbital so a hard focusing monster doesn’t have to worry about the orbital at Hank’s feet if he is able to stay on him.

This is also a problem similar to how Lazurus can get a revive through melees that I would also like to see addressing but for now what do you guys think of this?

I feel like orbitals are in a good place. I feel much more threatened by a UAV that will constantly hunt me down, or a dust cloud that lets Cabot constantly damage and stop me from eating through walls. With an orbital all I have to do is move, and avoid taking much damage at all. The only times an orbital really feels effective against a good monster is if the trapper locks it down perfectly or its evolving.

It’s not about being threatened it’s about it being used as a get out of jail free card despite a monster hard focusing you.

All it does is block your path and throw him around a bit, you can easily get back to focusing on him.

You do know it is a practiced tactic to use it then cloak right?

It isn’t as simple as, “just focus him after the orbital.”

It works once a dome I don’t think its that big a deal.

And in the current game sometimes it only needs to work once to completely miss your opportunity.

All I suggest is reward for hard focusing Hank by not allowing him to orbital while being taken down. But it is nothing more than a suggestion unfortunately.

If you hit him with knockbacks it resets the orbital charge. I’ve been juggled while trying to drop an orbital at my feet by monsters.

Same goes for Laz but that doesn’t stop him as much as it should.

That’s my point it shouldn’t happen whatsoever during a focus.