Hanks' orbital strike


I don’t believe it to be a balance issue, but when it’s called in, why does it have to blast other characters around.

I can’t tell if it’s doing damage or not, it seems like it, but we’ll be working beautifully as a team, have the monster in the dome, harpoons gone off, mines, tranc’d and be blasting the crap out of it.
Then hank drops the orbital barrage on it and the concussion wave blows the entire team way away from the action. And if you get stuck in the middle of it, you can’t even tell whats going on. It’s just explosions, flashes of bright light and noise.

We are playing with Hank as the bot and every chance he gets, he bombs the crap out of the area with no warning. So we get pinned against walls, blown off ledges, etc… and didn’t even know it was coming.


Nerf Hank Bot!


Sound’s like you got HANKED!

Let me tell you a tale, of wonder and despair…


Maybe they could reduce the knock-back that the bombs do to teammates. Most of the strategy around dealing with a monster involves being relatively close. So Hank dropping the bombs after you have it all trapped and contained and it blowing the teammates backwards seems counterproductive.


Actually… in high level play it’s used to blast people away from the monster, especially when they are almost dead and stuck in a corner with the monster.

Call orbital on dying teammate, cloak, run towards low HP teammate and cloak him so medic can heal


Interesting. That’s a level of teamwork we haven’t yet achieved I believe. lol


You aren’t going to hit a top tier monster with an orbital unless he’s camping a dead body, they see the subtitle or hear the queue and leap away


Well we were playing with the monster as a Bot. We had it in the dome, hit with harpoons, mines up, tranc’d, etc… so getting the orbital drop on it wasn’t impossible. But we all got wasted in the process.