Hank's Orbital Baragge or Torvald's Mortar Strike

Who is better when the you need a massive amount of pain in a sec?
Please debate responsibly please.

That depends. Hank’s deals more damage over a wider area while Torvald’s is more precise and can be used more frequently. It’s really more of a question of which of these aspects is more important in a given situation.

Hank also can’t do it under any sky cover while torvald just needs a high roof.


Situation is in the open (for both orbital and mortar) With a cloak/Sporecloud on a eating monster with a big dinner. So you lay your OB or Mortar on the monster for the first stirke and the dome pops.

Now who has the most DPS

In that situation I would think Hank has the advantage.

Torvald, instantaneous damage, can’t be avoided once it hits, Hank is lucky to get more than one rocket in

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Torvald has the faster wind up and the faster strikes he’d do more damage on a monster that is eating.

On paper
Hank does the most Damage to the monster with the orbi

In reality
Noob hank players blow up their own teammates with a poorly placed strike

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You just told my fail.


Bad hank players can seriously be a death sentence >.<


They can both be dodged, it depends on the skill of the hunter; and the monster. No real way to test it.

I’d say Hank’s Orbital * Barrage* (@Sky_Kid), but it depends on the situation.

EDIT: In case you didn’t get it, you spelled Barrage wrong :wink:

I would say Torvald because his mortars are more mobile and can be reloaded much quicker