Hanks new orbital sound


Alright, what happened here?! The sound the rockets made when they exploded was amazing before. Now they sound like ping-pong balls bouncing off hollow metal.

Whether its a bug or intentional, it really makes the Orbital sound less powerful.


They changed them after the Alpha. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Did they change them again or are you referring to that?


When the orbitals land they make a new sound since the 2.0 update.
I think they changed them again or are bugged.


One sec. I’m going to check this.


It seems like some sounds are coming out high pitched. Orbital barrage explosions, banshee mines, a few other projectiles don’t sound right.


It seems like audio remains subject for Turtles to experiment on. I for one would love to swap Laz’s silenced sniper rifle sound with something more… silenced