Hank's Elite Skin still green in preview


I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug, but the preview picture for Tech Sgt. Hank’s Elite Skin looks nothing like how it actually appears in game.


I think that’s an issue of them not having a rendered image of the skin, so they’re using the default image for now.

@LilTrashPanda this true?


So first off, that’s not placeholder – trust me, you’d know a placeholder image if you saw it (and I highly doubt it’d ever make it past two teams of QA :slight_smile:).

Next, it looks like you’re actually experiencing a strange issue where Hank’s render is overlaying his Default Weapon skin render. Looking at him in-game, he also has his Elite Weapon skin – did you equip this after applying the Hunter Skin?

Then it looks like some of the colors of the sleeves were adjusted between the time his render was created and submitted to the UI team, and what the final skin looked like when it went out the door. I can slightly see on the first image that Hank’s jetpack has the stars on it that come along with his Elite Hunter skin, so it’s not totally incorrect, but wrong enough to be noticeable.

Either way, thanks for the report and good catch! We’ll enter a bug for this and get it resolved.

Edit: Looks like Tech Sgt. Hank’s Elite Hunter skin render actually does have his weapons on his back in the Default Weapon skin, so that’s not actually a bug. Whoops!


Thanks, glad to hear it! And I definitely equipped the Elite Weapon skin first.