Hank's Cosplay Found!



Hanks perfect Cosplay


Looks damn good.


Woah, that beard looks so much like his! This guy should totally do a Hank cosplay lol.

Also, you could put this in the “Community Content” category, which lists Cosplay and Fanart as its mainstay.


The guy is from Duck Dynasty.


Done! 10 char


@SledgePainter not sure if this needs to go under a pre existing link!



And I don’t think it does. It should be fine. Such a glorious recreation of Hank’s beard must have its own thread.


Such a proud beard, I always see Hank smoking a cigar, wonder if the cigar just lights itself cause it knows better


Of course it does. When Hank puts you in his mouth, you know you’d better light yourself on fire.

That sounds weird.


I was thinking it happens more like spontaneous combustion, not much of a choice!


That too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahah awesome, he looks just the part. Someone hook that guy up with a bright yellow laser drill and he’s all set.


I second this!


Nah, it’s all good. The cosplay section is for costumes. This is for giggles. :smile: