Hank's Artic Skins Showcase


Just for those who couldn’t get them due to the higher requirements or if you haven’t redeemed them yet.


They look like the Leviathan skins - guess I didn’t need em that badly. My Hunters are only like level 20. :cry:


Oh my… that laser cutter is just beautiful!


I actually managed to get the skin!!! I placed 2976 lol. I was hovering a little over 3000 today, panicked and played all morning. It paid off. :smile:

4 arctic skins!!

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I got 300-ish but I don’t play hank often but hey I got the skin just in case.


I wana have all the skins. So I can sit and pretend to polish them. Lol.


Just hurry up and sell them already. XD


they look awesome, unfortunately unreachable for me. don’t want to grind my as out of a game i don’t like to get those skins.

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I almost didn’t try for this one. I didn’t think is make it. all my Hunters are only like level 12 in the app, I just play occasionally in my off time. I didn’t think I’d get the skin, I almost didn’t.


My Norwegian senses are tingling.
I feel sad for missing such beautiful snow/ice themed skins.

I need to install the app soon, so that I’m ready for when the Lazarus and Griffin ones come.

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I would install it quick! It takes a bit leveling your hunters up. I could tell if my hunters had been a little lower level, they wouldn’t have been strong enough for me to make use of this challenge.

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I gave up on Arctic skins a long time ago.


Those skins look pretty cool!