Hank/TS Hank Shield Gun aimed with Crosshair


Can we rework Hank/TS Hank’s shield gun (the “2”) so that it hits whoever you are actually aiming at?

It’s kind of irritating when you’re trying to save the assault who is a bit far away, and the beam bends towards someone else who doesn’t need it just because they are closer to you.



val medguns has a similar issue, so does sunny JPB.


Yeah exactly… this is irritating! I can understand it if it was like the cross hair was aiming at the level so the game had to pick a target.

But on Deepest Dark with the Assault tangling with Gorgon Queen and I’m on a ledge I’m aiming right at him… but nope… the beam U-turns towards someone else!

Later all 3 Team mates were piling into the Monster and I had to keep activating/deactivating the beam before it finally nailed the Hunter I was trying to shield boost.

It’s like I have no control over the weapon! :stuck_out_tongue: