Hank, the Technical Tank: discussion thread (out now)


This thread will be used to only discuss the Hank adaptation upon his release.

Tech. Sergeant hank
So Tech Sarge Hank is the unholy son of Artanis and Tassadar :P
I played as tech hank

I demand that we change the title to say Hank the Technical Tank instead of Tech Sgt Hank! D:


But but, is he a tank?


I hereby declare that he is


No sirree. He is the TECHNICAL tank. >:D<g


@LordDerp fixed it :wink:


His new shield charger sounds awesome! :hank_2:


I want to see what the shield charger is, that sounds awesome. Same with the orbital drill. I want to see how that works exactly.


Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed, but his new laser cutter is like the first one he had before they changed it.


It gives personal shields!! :smiley:

I want to see it in action though!


There’s been a fair bit of gameplay with him.

The drill is just a giant death laser that follows the monster at a decent-ish pace.


I haven’t seen it O.o

at least I don’t really remember seeing his gameplay. I remember mad mags but not hank


Info about his abilities in here:


Just go ask @Deity_Pharaoh and he can show you. He played Mad Maggz and Tech Hank was in game too.

Didn’t see any shields but I sure as fuck saw the Drill.


It essentially gives your teammates an assault personal shield; the longer you leave it on a teammate the greater value the shield gives them. Best to do it outside of combat so that the whole team can have full shields. Except Hank of course.

The drill, from what I’ve seen…follows the monster for a set amount of time and deals more damage (?)


I saw that! Looks like it hits harder but the range has been cut down


A. I majorly approve of this title for reason
######Victory >:D
B. That orbital drill is gonna be one of my new favorite toys :3


Would it be worth it to give shields out of combat or do the shields drain over time like Assault shields do?


That, I’m not too sure of. It looked as if they stayed on until wildlife/the monster attacked and made them go down.

In my opinion, I would say it’s best to do it outside of combat.

Edit: Original Hank, I run capacity–New Hank, I’m going to go reload; since I won’t have to worry about blocking heavier attacks, instead getting the shields on the team as fast as possible.


Am I the only that’s curious about the laser cutter?