Hank Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread

This thread is designed for those that wish to ask for and/or dispense advice regarding Hank. This thread will be watched carefully as there have been several of these threads already made and many of them dissolved into anarchy. We do not wish for this to happen. As such, if you have nothing specific to contribute please do not post.
We hope that eventually we won’t have to monitor this thread as there are lots of players out there looking for advice and asking for some in return.

Please do not boast about your skill level, call other people out or belittle other’s playstyles. Do not mention/talk about leaderboard ranks and/or tournament wins as these usually devolve into derailed thread linings.

That being said, please keep the conversations friendly as there are lots of players on these forums that dispense good advice.

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This topic is wants the big guns. You got it.

  1. Your shield is your most important tool, master the shield, your team will love you to
    pieces :heartpulse: Save you shield for big abilities, otherwise, you’re wasting it. Lastly, don’t shield Assault if he pops his shield, srsly Hanks, why ~.~

  2. The laser cutter is pinpoint accurate at all fire rates. Aim for the head/weakpoints, and you’ll always hit, dealing some super damage ^.^

  3. Don’t be too trigger happy on the OB. Seriously. Thats the type of thing that makes the medic not heal you >_> Save for when a teammate is getting focused. Medic backed into a corner? OB, shield them, monster will take a TON of damage…or he’ll be smart and back off ^.^ Either way, you done good. (Also, if you find an evolving monster…#GETHAAAAAANKED)

  4. Cloaks are for 2 things. Self preservation and Team covering. Medic getting focused (again)? Meet them halfway, pop the cloak, then tell them to split left or right with you, save yourself and your most valuable teammate. Do so with trapper as well.
    Assault has his shield and the medic to heal him, but don’t be afraid to employ the same tactic.

Thats about all I’ve got for Hank the Tank, other than my personal perk choice of Quick Switch. It allows for almost full uptime on the cutter, then being able to switch to the shield quick enough to block that rock throw, then right back to the cutter. Good Luck Hanks :hank_cute:


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Don’t hold that shield on the person being focused the whole time your medic needs to heal some too and if you let it recharge while the monster is meleeing you’ll be able to block that skill he was waiting to recharge.

Here are my tips for Hank:

    1. Priorities: Shield, laser cutter, orbital.
    1. Use your shield wisely. Try to time it so that you block abilities or attacks right as they hit (the last second). The reason for this, is so that you have a little bit of time between abilities to charge it some. If you keep the shield on the entire time, it won’t charge. Make sure to never use a shield on an assault who is shielding, you are just wasting it and could be instead using your laser cutter and dealing damage. Other than that, try to position yourself high up in fights to make sure you have good line of sight to shield your teammates.
    1. If no one needs immediate shielding or your assault is using his shield to tank, then switch to your laser cutter. Aim for the head if you can, it’s super accurate (RIP Kraken). Beyond that, nothing much to say. It fires lasers. Pew pew.
    1. Your orbital barrage is very situational. I would say don’t use it unless you know it will hit, otherwise you will just knock your teammates around and likely not hit the monster. Situations you DO want to use it in include: monster camping an incapped teammates, monster evolving (seriously, this is death), monster sitting in a corner of a dome, or if you can time it to hit right as the monster uses an ability (such as goliath picking up a rock or behemoth charging up a lava bomb). Otherwise, you can sometimes drop it at your feet if you are being heavily focused. You usually just want to hang on to this for the perfect moment, don’t just whiff it (looking at you AI Hank).
    1. Always remember to use your cloak to protect yourself and other teammates (medic or trapper if they are being focused). Also try to use it to do a stealth revive, or even cloak Daisy if she beat you to it. Other uses should be coordinated with your team, such as cloaking trapper right before they throw dome.

Recommended perks: I always use quick switch. It allows you to switch between dealing damage and shielding, which can be a life savor if you see a goliath flying through the air to leap smash your medic and have your laser cutter out. It also allows you to get more damage in, as any time you aren’t shielding, you can swap to your cutter and do some damage. You could also take reload speed or capacity, they do a lot for both the laser cutter and shield. Then there are always the jetpack recharge and jump height perks, which are pretty basic and don’t do much else beside giving mobility.


I think you mean cloak ^.-

Yep, thanks!

Situation you don’t want to use the barrage… When your Laz was just about to revive someone before the Goliath comes back in… ~facepalm~

I have a great tip for Hank players!