Hank Shield



Was Hank’s shield nerfed? I remember it being able to stop a lot more damage before breaking? Now a level 1 rock through is enough to empty the battery of all juice. This makes it impossible to protect any ally being focused by the moster. I thought that was the entire point of Hank? He functioned as a sort of second medic.



Yes it was. Hank was extremely good with his shield and was basically the only Support picked for a very long time in the game.

You also have the Shield Burst, along with his Shield Projector. That should be enough shielding, and if it’s not, the person you’re shielding needs to learn some dodging/jetpack management IMO.


Wait, so now he has both the shield beam AND the skill that shields everyone?




Yep, all Supports have a Shield Burst now instead of the Cloak as a class ability.
Tech Sgt. Hank’s Shield Burst also stays on the Hunter until they’re damaged just like his projector ability, too.


His shield recharges a lot faster now. He’s not designed to block damage for X secs. You block one big hit and go back to other stuff and come back later.


Yeah I’ve actually felt like I’m a stronger hank after I’ve played with him. I do miss the knockback on orbital though =/ I can’t use it to reposition anymore it knocks me like 3 feet.