Hank Perk Choices, Data


There was a slight nerf to Hank this patch, the numbers here are no longer spot on. However, the usefulness of each perk should still be the same.

I’ll go through and update the numbers sometime if I get the chance

Well, I love spreadsheets (What can I say, I’m an engineering major) so I’ve analyzed the different perk choices for hank, and here are my findings.

Perk#1 is mostly your play style, none of the perks will change Hanks shielding potential (Which is all this post is about)

For the shield projector there is an issue with calculating, there is a purely mathematical number, and then a more realistic number.
The reason being, you do not begin reloading the shield projector as soon as you fire it. I’m not talking about the delay, I’m talking about the fact that it will take time for the monster to destroy the shield, and this is time that you CAN’T begin reloading.

For this reason, in my first set of calculations, I assumed that it will take approximately 10 seconds from the time of first activating the shield, to the point of letting it recharge (It also assumes that you let the shield fully deplete, then fully recharge…I know this isn’t ideal, but there are too many variables to ever truly nail this down, I got as close to reality as possible.)

All perks are assumed to be maxed out.

So for the PURELY mathematical highest shield projector shielding per minute you can do, the choice would actually surprise you…
Picking Reload as your number 2, and capacity as your number 3. This combo increases the pure shielding potential by 1,412 per minute…however once you introduce the delay time for the shield being destroyed, it drops to a much lower 603 per minute

For the most realistic increase in shield projector shielding, it goes to doubling down on capacity perks. This brings up a PURE potential by 1,333 per minute, but assuming the 10 second destruction time, brings out a realistic increase of 712 per minute.

Another interesting perk choice is doubling down on class ability recharge, and this may actually take the cake depending on which monster you are facing. The shield applied to hank is slightly lower than that applied to teammates. But because it begins recharging as soon as it is used it will actually increase hanks shielding potential by 500 per minute on himself, and 543 on teammates. If you are fighting a monster with a lot of AoE (Which honestly is most) this could potentially blow the other away, hitting multiple teammates with each burst multiplies his overall healing potential.

Its an increase of 543 on each and every teammate, so even just hitting 2 teammates each time makes this exceptionally more shielding than the projector…

But, some small changes have a huge impact. The quicker the shield is destroyed, the more effective it is to use your 2nd perk as reload, and 3rd as capacity.
At 7 seconds before destruction this perk choice actually beats out the double capacity choice.

Make your own final decisions, but for myself and my play style it will come down to this…the medic.
If I have a medic who can keep me alive if I’m focused, I’m using the Reload+Capacity combo
If I don’t quite trust my medic, I’m going for doubling down on class ability cool down


Also, if any of you wish to see how variables affect the data, I.E. changing the destruction time, using different perk choices, etc. I’d be more than happy to calculate it, just let me know what changes you would like to see the effect of.

I certainly don’t believe my number and evaluation to be perfect, there are so many situations to cover, some discussion about the realistic way things happen vs the pure number listed above would be great.


How do you get this number? I’m pretty sure it is wrong.

Hank’s shield burst shields himself for 575. His shield burst has a cooldown of 23 seconds. Taking both class cooldown perks gives you 25% faster recharges on his shield burst. So the math to determine the amount of extra shields per minute on average is: (575/23*1.25-575/23)*60=375…
That is, the total amount of shields divided by the cooldown, multiplied by the cooldown speed increase, minus the original value of the shields divided by the cooldown, times 60 to get the rate per minute increase over the original.


I actually had a contemplation about this. When talking about a reload time which way is it done.

There are two ways, the amount of shield recharged per second (which is how you did it) or taking the amount of time it takes to recharge and reducing that amount by an overall percentage(which is what I did)

23*.75 = 17.25

I chose this way because the shield burst has different values for self and for others, so which number would be used as the “capacity” to determine the overall recharge rate.

I’m in class right now, but I’ll be more than happy to test when I get home (of course someone else could go ahead and test instead, I’m in a 4 hour class lol)


Can confirm, the recharge rate is based upon a total time of 23 seconds to recharge, and the perks reduce this overall time. The speed of recharge is NOT based upon an amount of shield recharged per second.

A very interesting thing I DID note, however, is that the actual rate between bursts is slightly higher than 17.25 with the perks, and slightly higher than 23 without depending on how you look at it.

With both the recharge perks from the time you press the key, up to the time that it is fully recharged is actually closer to 18-18.5 seconds…the reason being that the shield burst takes a second or so to fully “drain” before it begins recharging.

This actually changes the numbers a bit, I won’t update them yet though, going to wait and see if any other little “quirks” pop up in discussions.

P.S. If a mod feels this is better suited to the Hank category under hunters please don’t hesitate to move it!


Really couldn’t be arsed to read all of it…

I pick:
Quick switch

The way I play Hank is by shooting, anticipating a big hit about to damage an ally, switch and shield the big damage, then back to shooting. Medics can usually out heal the light/heavy attacks so I focus on shielding what can’t be healed. This also allows me to contribute a lot of damage to the monster, and I can also recharge the Orbital Strike a little quicker which can change the tide of a battle