Hank on Broken Hill Mine


…So unless I’m totally crazy, Hank gets hosed on this map, given that it’s 95% inside (meaning no orbital). Doesn’t it seem a bit… wrong, to have a map completely nullify one character? No other character has this problem (it’s not like there’s a map with bright sunlight that makes Laz’s cloak useless or a map with sludge everywhere that prevents Caira’s speed boost from working).

Am I wrong, or is it really that screwed up?


It may bother me a slight bit but what can you do lol.


Having only watched Devs played, there are a number of holes in the ceiling and the outdoor mining section, for instance. Different maps are favored towards certain hunters/monsters over others.


there are plenty of places it just requires stradegy


There is actually a lot more holes in the ceiling than it looks. And one area is completely open.


It’s just that there’s a difference between a slight advantage and making an ability completely unusable. I had similar issues with the Foundry (there are a lot of areas, including under the generator, that are ceilinged off), and it just seems more than a bit strange to me. It makes Hank an impossible pick on either of these maps, something that never happens with any other character anywhere else. It doesn’t affect me much personally, as I’m more of a Medic/Trapper; it just seems like a serious wrong.


It’s not completely unusable though… There are still many areas where it works. It’s not different the a monster engaging in the caves on Dam all the time. The key is to not engage where you are weak if you can help it. Other than that, his orbital doesn’t hit monsters very often unless the monster is really awful. It’s just n area denial. You pick Hank for the shield + laser cutter, not the orbital, that is just gravy.


It you’re wasting time lining up the orbital you’re neglecting your primary duty (shielding/cloaking).


The caves on dam take up what, 20% of the map at most? In my limited experience it feels like 50-60% on foundry and 80% on mine. and you can be as MLG of a monster as you like, if Grif+a slow (Val, Abe, etc) work together Hank can work you over damn well with the orbital.


So that makes it even more important to use those things when you CAN use an orbital. That being said, one entire section of the 3 spokes is entirely outside. So 80% is a bit of a stretch. That being said, while you can’t use an ability some of the time doesn’t make him obsolete imo.


Fair enough; I haven’t played enough games on the mine in order to have an a well informed opinion. However, I do regard his orbital as a vital tool (not as much as the shield obviously- drives me crazy when I’m stuck with a hank who just wants to “screw the shield, time to cutt’er up!”) and as is I just can’t ever see justification for taking him over one of the other supports on either map.


It’s true, some supports have better/worst capabilities than others. In general, most supports suffer from the mines. Sunny has a bit of claustrophobia for using shield drone and jet boosting. Cabot has to work with a lot of walls that prevent his ability to shoot through them as well as dusting. Bucket’s turrets can easily be clumped too close together. It’s just different for support’s to work with in general.


Oh damn I didn’t even think about Cabot’s tagging- another ability that get’s hit hard by mines, good point. It seems that Bucket would probably be the best all around bet then, with Sunny close behind. (for mines specifically)


Don’t forget Cabot’s dust tag ability too, that requires open space